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With Axelor ERP, manage your business centrally, optimize your productivity and reduce your costs.
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Get opportunities! automate your sales with an automated, scalable, and easy-to-use approach.

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Our software not only combines simplicity and efficiency. IT'S EASY TO USE.


Save time with a solution designed to automate your processes on an innovative, modern, stable and easy-to-use tool.


Your devices communicate in real time. Manage your messages, meetings, documents, activities and processes without leaving the application, thanks to our integrated social media.

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Our software has an adaptive interface to Desktop, Tablets and Mobiles. It is also available for iOS and Android, with offline mode so you can access your data anytime, anywhere.

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Hashnet Consultores

We plan and execute unique business strategies, with reliable services and products, our products are stable and scalable through the establishment of business solutions that combine existing ideas and resources in new and innovative ways.


You have at your disposal our specialized consultants dedicated exclusively to helping you with the requirements that are generated in the implementation stage.

1. We establish the business requirements.

2. We develop processes and configure the management system to the needs of the business.

3. Start and follow up..

Technical support

We provide technical support to our users. We handle all type of common and uncommon requirements related to our application and it's usage.


We handle any additional requirement to our application in order to make it work how you want it to. We also create customized solutions under your specific needs.

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